The New World Order and 
the struggle for a humanly dignified future

The consciousness and organizing of the world has become ever more global during the last century.
      This has increasingly lead to the emergence of systems to centralize control of information, information flow, political power and economical power on a global scale.
      These systems are being called the "New World Order".
      The links below give a picture of this emerging "New World Order" developed by people in power, mainly in the West, and the struggle for a human, sane and livable future by people more close to the concrete humans around them, the trees, the rivers and the smell of grass on a rainy summer morning.

On a personal note, I must say that I understand both sides.
      In an article I have tried to describe the implicit pattern of the EC/EU-process.
      The pattern shows that it corresponds in a European form to the development of a specific globalisation process with the American way of life, its culture, political system and economic system of great corporate power, as a model on a global level.
      If you understand the pattern, you see that it is especially concentrated to the 44-year period between 1986 and 2030, developing in preparatory form on a European level tasks for an even more American dominated time, far in the future.
      The period stands out as the last part of an about 300 year long period of Enlightenment, starting in the beginning of the 18th century and ending in the first part of the next century, as part of a larger pattern of history.

In 1993 (summer) prof Samuel Huntington at Princeton University wrote a famous article in Foreign Affairs on what he saw as a coming "Clash of Civilisations". The article describes what Huntington sees at the main character of the post cold war era, but that - as I see it - hints also at something of the possible character of the coming next 300 years; the central task of building social structures for doing justice to the different cultures of the world on a global level.
      In the article he describes it from its possible darker side; as a struggle for power between about 8 world cultures, and centering on the question how USA can continue to uphold its position as "world leader" during this development.
      I think it will also turn out that the period will display far more lighter developments, developing the cultures of the world not only on a power struggle basis but also as the symphony it is.

My judgment is that some of the people at the institutions and in the groups linked to and/or described below, that are responsible for the forming of the present globalisation process, are aware of this longer pattern of history and mainly try their best at handling the process in what they consider a responsible way.

The links below describing some of these groups; the transatlantic European initiated Bilderberg group, the global American initiated Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, the Scull and Bones Society at Yale University and other groups and institutions, reflect a real dilemma.
      It is the conflict in a society where a few people in the West, in central background position, on more or less well founded grounds, consider themselves to be responsible to steer the development of the whole world on grounds that they partly, but not completely describe, and the rest of the people of the world that on equally well founded grounds find themselves deprived of the basic democratic right and possibility to take part in and decide on the direction of this development on grounds they aren´t told and don´t understand and increasingly try to do something about it.

In the article on the EC/EU-process mentioned above I have tried to describe how the European Union - as I see it - contains seeds to handling this dilemma and conflict on a European level, if understood and developed properly, handling questions of economy on a federative, super-national level through the Commission, the questions of political and social life on a confederative, democratic inter-national basis and cultural questions in a free way that lets every culture of Europe come to expression, doing justice to it, at present through a system of rotating cultural capitals.

I think that understood and developed properly, the EU - with all its advantages and disadvantages, trying to do justice to the different qualities of economy, of legal and social life and of cultural life - contains seed for the building of possible good societies for the future, as temples for the humanity that lives in us all, if transformed in the way I have tried to describe in the article.

The emerging global information control system

An  article on the end of privacy; "The surveillance society" in The Economist (May 1, 1999) describes a growing understanding well: "The general public may be only vaguely aware of the mushrooming growth of information-gathering, but when they are offered a glimpse, most people do not like what they see". 
      Most of them probably haven´t even heard of "The Echelon Project" yet, the REAL Big Brother project has been a reality for a number of years already. The system makes it possible for the NSA (National Security Agency) in USA and four other Anglo-saxon security agencies to read in principle ALL emails, your emails!! and mine, looking for whatever they want.
      A report to the EU Parliament last spring and much other documentation (see below) now describes the system in detail. As the report says: "The ECHELON system forms part of the UKUSA system but unlike many of the electronic spy systems developed during the cold war, ECHELON is designed for primarily non-military targets: governments, organisations and businesses in virtually every country".
      But the security agencies don´t only scan everything that is being sent around the world as emails. They have also to a high extent taken control of the development of computer hardware and software, forming it to support their intelligence surveillance interests. Or as they modestly say at an overview page of NSA: "A number of major U.S. computer companies are now using hardware and software technology in their products which originated at NSA".
      Some years ago, Intel, the producer of the majority of all processors used in computers world wide, integrated a unique Processor Serial Number (PSN) into a number of its Pentium II processors and all Pentium III processors, to make it possible to address the processor in secret over the Internet to identify the computer used, to make it possible to build a profile of the activities of the user of the computer. When this became known, it led to a storm of protests, and different measures to make it possible to turn off the identifier, see Bigbrotherinside.
      Most people are unaware of that if they use cable modem, the network card in their computer also already has a unique identifier, that is used to identify the computer on the network to which it is connected and that can be used to track the activities of the user of the computer in question on the Internet.
      Use of an electronic firewall, like ZoneAlarm, on your computer, reveals that it constantly is being addressed by different other often unknown computers on the Internet, asking your computer for info in different forms about it, normally without your knowing it.
      Except for its quality of connecting people on a global basis, regardless of national boundaries, a constant "war" for control of the Internet and the computers connected to it, and securing of information about those using it, is being waged below the surface, without most people being aware of the extent of this global "war". 

Description analysis and discussion of Echelon
(a few examples, look at them for further links)
  • give it what it wants; e-mail letters - MANY!! - containing the keywords the system uses to find letters to take an interest in and collect for the analysts at National Security Agency in USA and other places to read
  • write a friendly letter (email address) to the National Security Agency and tell them what you think of them reading your emails and that you miss information on their site on the project - I did and two days later someone from a US Military server visited my home page, see 1, 2 and 3
  • encryption or getting an anonymous email address
  • pencil, paper, envelope and stamp; "snail mail", remember that?

The emerging informal structures of globalized central political control
The Trilateral Commission
The Bilderberg group
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The Future

Huntington´s - The clash of civilisations? 

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