Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)
- sketch to a pictoral biography

When you approach or enter middle age, even though it maybe hasn't interested you before, a more expressly biographically oriented understanding of people at times becomes a developing interest.

Rudolf Steiner to me personally (the webmaster of this site) for now c. 30 years has stood out as one of the most puzzling and inspirational challenges to understand, both in terms of his work and spiritual philosophy, called "anthroposophy", anthroposophically oriented natural science, Waldorf education as one of the daughter movements of anthroposophy, and as an individual.

On another page at this site, I have put up an effort at an analysis of his work from the perspective of the History and Philosophy of Science in relation to what today in general is understood as natural science.

On this page, I've put up the pictures below, not for admiration, but as a help and contribution to understanding the complex, extremely many facetted person who lived as Rudolf Steiner at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century from a purely human, biographical perspective. Another page at this site contains links to more descriptive biographies.

One comment at times by people who for one or other reason don't like his work is that he almost never seems to smile in the pictures. The comment shows the lack of knowledge and understanding by those making it for the way people posed for photographs 80-120 years ago. Contemporary comments document the profound contrast between the way he, like most at the time, appeared when posing for photographs, and the way he encountered concrete people.

One of those who has commented on it was Boris Bugayev (Andrei Belyi), one of the most important members of Russian symbolist movement in the 1920s, who in 1928 wrote a book on Rudolf Steiner:

"He had, as it were, a therapeutic smile; the countenance blossomed... one felt that one had nothing of the kind to give in return. He had the gift of the smile, the faculty of direct expression from the heart... His smile could have had a smothering effect had he not tempered it down when necessary. Many know his sunny smile; we spoke of it. One must speak about it, for not a single photograph of his reflects it." (Source)

(Some of the dates are approximate. If anybody claims copyright on any of the pictures, write to me and I'll take it away. If anyone has more correct info on the dates, write to me)

1867 - 6 years 
1879 - 18 years
1881 - 20 years
1886 - 25 years.
1891- 30 years
1896 - 35 years
1900 - 39 years.
1901 - 40 years.
1904 - 43 years
1905 - 44 years.
1906 - 45 years.
1912 - 51 years.
1913 - 52 years.
1915 - 54 years.
1916 - 55 years
1918 - 57 years.
1919 - 58 years.
1920 - 59 years.
1922 - 61 years
1923 - 62 years.
1924 - 63 years

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