In Germany, two TV-programs were broadcast by REPORT-Mainz, on 28 Feb and 10 July 2000, seemingly much based on lobbying by AKdH (Aktion Kinder der Holocaust), a small group in Basle. The programs alleged an inherent anti-Semitism in Waldorf education was coming to increased expression at Waldorf schools in Germany, making Jewish parents increasingly take their children out of the schools.

The programs led to a storm of protests from Waldorf parents, pupils and teachers at the c.180 Waldorf schools in Germany. Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, former Waldorf pupil and daughter of Heinz Galinski, a former chairman of the Central Jewish Council in Germany, considered the Report program on Waldorf schools to be "propaganda of the worst kind" and published an appeal in defence of the Waldorf schools in Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung, (General Jewish Weekly) and in five large German Newspapers. 

In a third broadcast, 9 April 2001, the program, faced with the need to in court prove its allegation on the removal of Jewish children from Waldorf schools by their parents, retreated from the allegation.

For a short comment on the broadcast REPORT-Mainz 28 Feb 2000 by Detlef Hardorp, spokesperson for the Waldorf schools in Berlin-Brandenburg and Evelyn Galinski, see here.

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For an article by Lorenzo Ravagli on Steiner's views on Judaism and anti-Semitism, "Rudolf Steiner an active opponent against anti-Semitism", see here

For an article by Uwe Werner on "Anthroposophy in the Time of Nazi Germany", see here.

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