My struggle 

Vol II: The National Socialist Movement
Chapter 2: The state

»Therefore, when we speak of the high mission of the State we must not forget that the high mission belongs to the people and that the business of the State is to use its organizing powers for the purpose of furnishing the necessary conditions which allow this people freely to unfold its creative faculties. And if we ask what kind of statal institution we Germans need, we must first have a clear notion as to the people which that State must embrace and what purpose it must serve. 
    Unfortunately the German national being is not based on a uniform racial type. The process of welding the original elements together has not gone so far as to warrant us in saying that a new race has emerged. On the contrary, the poison which has invaded the national body, especially since the Thirty Years' War, has destroyed the uniform constitution not only of our blood but also of our national soul. The open frontiers of our native country, the association with non-German foreign elements in the territories that lie all along those frontiers, and especially the strong influx of foreign blood into the interior of the Reich itself, has prevented any complete assimilation of those various elements, because the influx has continued steadily. 
... the Germans lack that strong herd instinct which arises from unity of blood 
If in its historical development the German people had possessed the unity of herd instinct by which other peoples have so much benefited, then the German Reich would probably be mistress of the globe today.
The fact that our people did not have a national being based on a unity of blood has been the source of untold misery for us. ...

He who talks of the German people as having a mission to fulfill on this earth must know that this cannot be fulfilled except by the building up of a State whose highest purpose is to preserve and promote those nobler elements of our race and of the whole of mankind which have remained unimpaired. 

Thus for the first time a high inner purpose is accredited to the State
As a State the German Reich shall include all Germans. Its task is not only to gather in and foster the most valuable sections of our people but to lead them slowly and surely to a dominant position in the world.«

The world riddle and anthroposophy
(GA 54)

(12.10.1905, 5. p. 52/3)

»That is the great achievement for our soul, that we as a consequence of the spiritual development learn to understand the common soul of humankind, the unity of all of humanity, that we do not get as an unconscious gift, but that we must struggle consciously to come to [...]

That is expressed in our first principle: to found a brotherhood encompassing the whole earth, without regard to race, gender, color, and so on. That is the recognition of the soul that is common to all mankind. Even into the instincts the purification must take place that makes it evident to all people, that the same soul lives in their brothers (and sisters). In the physical we are separated, in the soul we are a unity as the ego of humanity. But only in the true, real life can we realize that and find our way into it. [...]

A real peace association is one that strives to understand the spiritual, and the real peace movement is the spiritual scientific stream.«

(GA 54, 9.11.1905, 5. p. 153/4)

»We more and more approach the solution to this riddle and we can understand that we in the future will have to go through other epochs, that we will have to go other ways than the races have done. We must be clear about that the evolution of the soul and the races are different. [...] so we also understand the basic principle of founding the core of a general brotherhood without regard to race, color, social position and so on.«

- Theosophy and the gospel of St. John
(GA 94)

(GA 94, 2.11.1906, p. 263)

»"The one who eats my bread walks on me with his feet" (Joh.. 13,18). Christ leads ... beyond the race to the the whole humanity of the earth, to all peoples and races of the whole planet. Jesus Christ is the representative for that; he carries the whole of humanity in himself. ... Jesus Christ is the one who in an extract encompasses the consciousness all of humanity.«.

The world riddle and anthroposophy
(GA 54)

(1.2.1906, 5. p. 276-278)

»Man has spanned the whole earth with industry and trade that works without regard to nations and races. Machines produce the same products in Japan, Brazil and Europe. The same railways cross the earth everywhere without regard to race, nation and position. The differences in humanity have dissolved in our cultural body. The check that is issued here in Berlin can be cashed in in Tokyo. Everything in our culture has developed in such a way that we can formulate the principle ...: We want to found a culture that spans the Earth without regard to race, gender, profession and denomination. That's the material culture, that under this motto has spanned the circle, the sphere of the Earth. This culture must get a soul. And to bring this cultural soul into it, ... that is the task of anthroposophy and our way of life (Lebensführung). We have a material culture and we need a spiritual culture with the same qualities ... People must be able to understand each other in their souls again.

That is the great basic thought, the great goal that the great cultural movement must have, if it wants to be something else than purely a game for those that have nothing else to do than than to brood over mystical thoughts. [...]

Thus anthroposophy, the anthroposophically understood Christianity is no theory, no dogma, no sect, but something else, it is life, it is something that shows the way into the future, it is something that makes the heart pound harder in the best sense of the word, it is something that lifts the soul to the greatest tasks of the present, because only the greatest tasks correspond to the beneficial hopes for the future.

The deeper secrets of the development of humanity in the light of the gospels
(GA 117)

[ 4.12.1909, 5. p. 151/2]

»Especially in our present time, we in the deepest sense of the word live in a time of transition. All group soulness will gradually be left behind. Just as the abyss between the nations disappears more and more, and as the smaller parts of the nations understand each other ever better, also other group soulness will fall away and the individual in the individual human will come to the foreground.

We have thereby characterized something very important in human development. If we want to approach it from another side, we could say that that concept, in which what is group soulness comes most clearly to expression, namely the concept of race, ever more will lose its importance.

If we go back beyond the great Atlantic catastrophe, we see how the human races were preparing themselves. During the time of Atlantis [Cenozoic time, encompassing Tertiary and Quaternary in the view of the late Steiner, see here. Comment by S.N.], people were grouped according to external characteristics of the body, even more strongly than today.

What we today call races are only remnants of those important differences between people that were common during the old Atlantis [Tertiary and Quaternary].

But the concept of race in a proper sense was only useful at the old Atlantis. Therefore we have, as we count with a real evolution of humanity, not used the concept of race for the post-Atlantean time [postglacial time]. We don't speak of an Indian race and so on, as it isn't proper any more. We speak of an Old Indian cultural epoch, of an Old Persian cultural epoch and so on. 

It would have completely no sense if we were to speak of that we in our time were preparing for a sixth 'race'. If we in our time still see remains of the old Atlantean differences, remaining old group soulness, so that you still can speak of a differentiation into races - what is preparing itself for the sixth epoch consists specifically in getting rid of and leaving behind that which is 'racial character'. That is the important thing. 

Therefore it is necessary, that that movement that is called the anthroposophical movement, that prepares for the sixth epoch in its basic character takes up especially this task of getting rid of that which related to 'racial character' and to unite people of all races, of all nations and in this way bridging this differentiation, these differences, this abyss, that exists between different groups of people. Because that which are old racial points of view has a physical character, and that which will develop into the future has a spiritual character. 

That is the reason it is so urgently necessary that our anthroposophical movement is a spiritual movement, that looks at that which is spiritual and overcomes specifically that which is based on physical differences out of the force of this spirituality. It is completely understandable that every movement has its child diseases and that one at the beginning of the theosophical movement described what it is about as if the evolution of the Earth so to speak was differentiated into seven epochs - they were called 'main races' (here 'main races' refers to the theosophical concept of seven "root races". Comment. S.N.) - and that every 'root race' was differentiated into seven 'sub-races', and that everything would repeat itself that way for ever, so that you for ever could speak of seven 'races' and seven 'sub-races'. But one has to overcome this child disease and become clear about that the concept of race ceases to have any meaning/importance specifically in our time' 

Something else is preparing itself - something that in the most eminent sense has to do with the human individuality - the ever more increasing individualization of man. What it is about is that this development of the individuality is supported in the right way, and the anthroposophical movement has to support this development of individuality in man in the right way.«

The spiritual background to the external world. The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness
(GA 177)

(26.10.1917, p. 203206)

» ...Someone still of the 14th century, speaking of the ideal of races, of the ideal of nations, spoke out of the developing qualities of human development. 

But someone who nowadays speaks of the ideal of races and nations and belonging to a tribe, speaks of decaying impulses of humanity. And if he believes that these so-called ideals constitute progressive ideals, when speaking of them, he is saying something that is untrue. Because through nothing will humanity bring itself more into decay, than if the ideals of races, nations and blood were to continue. 

Nothing will be a greater hindrance for the further development of mankind than the conservation of the ideals held by earlier centuries, preserved by luciferic-ahrimanic forces in declarations about the ideals based on nations. The true ideals for the future must be, not was is based on 'blood', but in the purely spiritual world

Christ, who will appear during the time of the 20th century, who will appear in a special form, wants to know nothing of the so called ideals that people proclaim today. Then just as the being of the hierarchy of Archangels that we call Michael in a certain sense was the governor of Jahve in earlier times so he, through the function that he was given in 1879, will be the governor of Christ, of the Christ impulse, that instead of the natural bonds, built on blood, between people, will create spiritual bonds between people.«