UK: Steiner Waldorf schools applying to become free schools
and a "rationalist" anti-Steiner crusade against them

After its election in 2010, the new Liberal-Conservative government in the UK decided to implement a new education policy, making it possible for parents, teachers, charities and businesses to set up their own free school within the frame of rules set up by the government.

Such schools will be state school funded by the tax-payer, non-selective and free to attend but they would not be controlled by local authorities. The concept of free schools is based upon a similar model found in Sweden as well as US charter schools.

To those who have applied to be approved as free schools belong a number of Steiner Waldorf schools. See list below.

For an introduction to Steiner Waldorf education, see

This has upset some fundamentalist missionary "rationalists" who try to defame the Steiner Waldorf schools to the best of their ability to prevent them from becoming accepted as Free schools.

Since some years, some rationalist fundamentalists in the UK pursue a crusade in cooperation with an ambivalent Swedish, former Steiner Waldorf pupil. For a description of (probably) one of them and her anti-Steiner crusade at Mumsnet some years ago and the following years, a Cathy Balme, see
Some of the typical unfounded defamatory myths the crusaders at present work intensely to promote, supported by mainly some American "rationalist" anti-Steiner crusaders, at among other places Twitter, are
  • "The schools don't give the children a good basic education" (untrue, see also here)
  • "Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy are racist (untrue) and anti-Semitic (untrue), as is Steiner Waldorf education (untrue)" and therefore
  • "Free Steiner Waldorf schools in the UK would turn the pupils into racists and anti-Semites" (very much untrue)
The main source used to promote the last two views is a Peter Staudenmaier, an intellectual con artist since he first started publishing as solo author about Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy some ten years ago. Since then, he has continued his writings, today as a Janus-faced combination of actual historian and continued intellectual con artist. He plays a similar role to Steiner Waldorf critics as David Irving does to anti-Semites.

The main anti-Steiner crusader and at times somewhat hysterical witch hunter in the UK, "ThetisMercurio" (Melanie Byng), for some reason much like Cathy Balme three years ago at Mumsnet - repeatedly recommends and promotes his distorted (and even in his own view propagandistic) defamatory anti-Steiner articles.

For a description of and some comments on them, see

UK Steiner schools at present applying for free school status:

Alder Bridge School, Padworth
Beechtree Steiner initiative, Leeds

Brighton Steiner School
Cambridge Steiner School
Elmfield Steiner School
Exeter Steiner School
Full Fledge Ecology Steiner School, Suffolk
Hebden Bridge Steiner School, Yorkshire
Iona Steiner School, Nottingham
Kings Langley Steiner School
Lancaster Steiner School
Leicester Steiner School
Lincoln Steiner Initiative
Meadow Steiner School, Bruton, Somerset
Michael House Steiner School, Derbyshire
Monkton Wyld Steiner School, Dorset
Mulberry Tree Steiner School, Gloucestershire
Norwich Steiner School
Oxfordshire Steiner Waldorf Initiative
South Devon Steiner School
St Michael Steiner School, London
St Pauls Steiner School, Islington
Waldorf School of South West London
York Steiner School
Zelda Steiner School, Gweek, Cornwall