Subject: Re: Waldorf Gnome Dolls and Knitting pins
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 10:27:56 -0800
From: Debra Snell <>

hotdealer hotdealer wrote:
Do you think that the woolen dolls kids at Waldorf make and the knitting pins are used for other purposes by the Steiner Cult when alone....or am I getting paranoid? I hope this is just my imagination.

An imagination that is somewhat febrile, man are you just taking the piss or are you truly this stupid? I know where my vote is going.

Peter, you are attacking Felix. These kind of attacks do not add to the discussion. Anthroposophy does believe Gnomes and fairys are _real_.
The children generally make these dolls, so I guess you are suggesting that they are being trained to make some sort of fetish??
Making gnomes are part of the inculcation process. Diana talked about this in several of her posts. Gnomes are talked about in the classrooms as if they are real.
Thats like saying that becuase there are symbols from Freemasonry on the US currency that the masons are excerting an influence on the people that use this money. Calling a spade a spade -
Felix, there are Defenders of the Faith (DoF's) on this list as well as critics. Clearly Peter is part of the cover-up committee. Gotta keep Anthroposophy a secret...

By the way, not too many Anthroposophists have a sense of humor...

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